School of Prophecy

School of Prophecy

Recognizing and Equipping Prophetic Ministries

Jakobsbrunnen is a school for prophets - specifically designed for those who have accepted their calling as prophets.

In regular training sessions, participants delve into biblical foundations: the unseen world, angels, praying in tongues, my worth in Christ, pictures, and visions...

A completely new area focuses on Heavenly Kids. We guide children into their prophetic calling, helping them discover and live out this calling.

All these schools are exceptional, distinct. We witness the participants growing in their ministry at an unusually rapid pace.

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Our prophetic school builds upon the seminars of Nothing Hidden Ministries. Attending one of the Nothing Hidden courses is a prerequisite for participation.

This program for married couples teaches how to take marriage to a higher level of intimacy, communication, and joy, and how troubled marriages can experience breakthroughs and healing.

This course series is tailored for singles as well, serving as preparation for marriage and providing essential relationship tools that can be applied in all areas of life.

»Spirit Connection« emphasizes the connection with the Holy Spirit. When our spirit is connected with the Holy Spirit, he guides us to receive the healing that Jesus has for us.

What our participants say

Harald Jakobsbrunnen

This is what it feels like when you come into your calling.

Karin Jakobsbrunnen

I experience Jakobsbrunnen as a platform where the hunger for more of Jesus and the supernatural is laid.

Bodo aus Leipzig Jakobsbrunnen

Der Jakobsbrunnen hat mich in eine Phase exponentiellen Wachstums und eine Form der persönlichen Erweckung geführt.

Mein Dienst für Jesus ist dadurch noch viel effektiver geworden.


Start: Septemer 01, 2024

| School of Prophecy

Jakobsbrunnen 9

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Start: March 13, 2024

| School for young prophets

Jakobsbrunnen for kids

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