Prerequisite for participation in Jakobsbrunnen

Calling as a prophet

Did you accept your calling as a prophet? (There is assistance available in a conversation with Siegfried Besier)

How do I get a calling to be a prophet?

We are called to reach for the higher gifts.
1 Corinthians 12:31

We are called to become like Jesus, to walk in His footsteps.
1 Peter 2:21

Have you accepted your calling as a prophet?

Why should I do that? What motivates me to accept my calling as a prophet? We are meant to do things on Earth as Christ did: Jesus was a prophet, and we are called to become like Him. So, if you are someone who is already moving in the prophetic, what is holding you back from embracing your destiny? Stepping into your calling doesn't make you a perfect prophet right away. It marks the beginning of a training process, carrying the title of a prophet. By doing so, you affirm your calling before the visible and invisible world and allow the Holy Spirit to continue the prophetic training.

Participation in a Nothing Hidden Seminar

Previous attendance at a seminar by Nothing Hidden Ministries, such as LAM (Love After Marriage - workshop for married couples) or SLW (Single Life Workshop - workshop for singles).

Or completion of an LAM 18-week workshop at a local church.

Zoom / Messenger

Zoom as a video tool and Threema as a messenger are prerequisites for discussing and practicing what has been learned in stable small groups.

Full participation

Only full participation in the course is possible and mandatory.