What is Jakobsbrunnen?

Jakobsbrunnen is a school for prophets. It is a place where people who have embraced their calling as prophets are trained.

In the general concept of a profession, one becomes authorized to work in their field after a period of training and examination. Similarly, those who embrace their calling enter a time of training and examination with Jesus Christ. We encourage you to make the most of this time effectively.

At Jakobsbrunnen, many aspects are addressed practically and interactively. The topics are usually approached from a spiritual perspective: how Jesus sees me, how heaven perceives my actions, and what significance my actions hold in the spiritual realm.



Requirements for participation:

  • Having embraced one's calling as a prophet (assistance for this is available through a conversation with me: Siegfried Besier)
  • Having previously attended a seminar by Nothing Hidden Ministries, such as LAM (Love After Marriage
  • Workshop for Couples) or SLW (Single Life Workshop).
  • Alternatively, having participated in an 18-week LAM workshop within a community.
  • Threema messenger is a prerequisite for exchanging and practicing what has been learned in fixed small groups.


  • Prophetic Lifestyle
  • Coming into Alignment with Destiny
  • Hearing and Understanding the Voice of God
  • The Invisible Realm • Experiencing Heaven
  • Growing in Spiritual Sight
  • Seeing Things through the Eyes of Jesus
  • Character Development School
  • Strengthening our Relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Understanding our Identity in Christ Jesus
  • Deepening the Personal Prayer Language
  • Fulfilling our Mission as Followers of Jesus
  • Bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth
  • Revival Happens Through Us
  • Spiritual Warfare



€338 per single one-time payment or in installments of €67.60 each

€507 per couple one-time payment or in installments of €101.40 each


If children of participants are present, they cost €50 for the first child, and additional children are free of charge.

If this is too much money for anyone, feel free to talk to me. Further arrangements are possible.



Jakobsbrunnen 9

Dates for Jakobsbrunnen 9:

Start: September 1, 2024
10 Sundays, each from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM,
almost every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Additional dates:

September 01
September 22

October 06
October 20

November 03
November 17

December 01
December 15

January 05, 2025
January 19, 2025

If you commit to attending, an excused absence is possible. The lessons will be recorded and can be reviewed for a limited time. There will be regular training assignments

Registration Jakobsbrunnen 9


What distinguishes Jakobsbrunnen, what makes it so special?

I always try to question the things that happen, the teachings that are given.

I always try to see things from a spiritual perspective. I explain them from a spiritual standpoint and try to make the connection between the visible world and the invisible world.

When I prepare a lesson, I automatically speak in tongues. It is the Holy Spirit expressing exactly that through me: connecting the invisible with the visible.