School for Young Prophets

JFK is a school for young prophets. Here, children participate who have accepted their calling to be prophets of Jesus.

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Children aged approximately 7 to approximately 14 years
Cost: €50 per half year
Format: Online via Zoom

This school is exceptional, as:

  • The children learn how to live as prophets and what it means to be a prophet.
  • They learn to hear God's voice and prophesy.
  • They learn to see into the unseen world.
  • They learn discernment of spirits.
  • They learn to speak in spiritual languages.
  • They learn new forms of praying in tongues.
  • They learn to travel in the spirit to heaven.
  • They experience God's love in a vibrant way.
  • They learn to "see" Jesus and His angels.
  • They learn to perceive things through the eyes of Jesus.

The teachings are based on the Bible, and Jesus Christ is at the center.

The JFK session is divided into welcome, blessings, teachings, group work, and practice assignments. The cost of participating in JFK is €50 per child or family, for each half year.

How can children participate?

The children must be willing to accept their calling as prophets and step into it. This doesn't mean they will immediately become fully trained prophets with all the rights, responsibilities, and the full measure of the calling. Instead, they enter a time of training with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Children's Well (JFK) supports them in this process.

What does a prophet do?

First and foremost, they are a messenger of God.
They are a friend of Jesus Christ, seeing and feeling what He sees and feels.
They bring encouragement and edification.
They convey God's words, images, and feelings, including His love, when the time is right.
They bring heaven to earth.

Dates for participation

February 01st + February 15th + February 29th
March 14th
April 04th + April 25th
May 02nd + May 23th
June 06th + June 20th

Parents are welcome to be present in the background and listen. The messenger app "Signal" (free) is required for communication and keeping the children informed.

Registration Jakobsbrunnen for Kids "JFK"

For multiple children: please create a separate registration for each child.